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concrete reinforcement micro rebar

strong and durable concrete

HELIX, global patented product that strengthens concrete mixtures. HELIX Micro Rebar has 4 times the tensile strength of rebar.
The product is a micro steel reinforcement fiber that blends with the concrete mixture and because of its unique twisted shape- gives the finished product great strength, durability and ductility. Helix optimizes projects schedules and saves valuable time and money.


The advantages of using Helix in commercial contraction are  tremendous savings in building times, which results in huge savings in manpower and  timetables requirements.


The use of Helix in the construction industry leads to the flexibility of the structure and increase the tensile strength modulas of rupture & splitting tensile strength. In addition, the durability of concrete improves and results in maximum load resistance.


In pre castings the use of the fiber saves the laying of the re-bar, which results in a reduction in the assembly time & lowers costs.


in the use for home construction The Helix fiber gives flexibility and reinforcement to the structures, a clear advantage for strengthening against earthquakes, soil movements and  cracks preventing.


Israeli Standard 466 for fibers: It is not possible to use fibers in the foundations without the addition of iron for the moment.
The use of fiber in casting foundations does not require placing re-bars before casting. Which saves building time and due to the flexible properties of the fiber makes the structure stronger & more durable to ground movement.


In the use of concrete under- ground, the fibers provide extra durability to the structures. Intended for places with moisture HELIX does not rust and it gives a longer life span to the structure and minimizes maintenance.

What is Helix?

Helix Steel uses a combination of high tensile steel and superior anchorage provided by its patented twisted geometry increases concretes tensile strength, modulus of rupture and splitting tensile strength. Unlike rebar, mesh and fibers, Helix Steel works before the concrete fails. Helix Steel is the only reinforcement approved to replace structural reinforcement in concrete with a simple design method. In fact you can be designing with Helix Steel, providing your clients with more value, in 45 minutes or less.

The Advantages of HELIX in construction projects.

Helix is added at the ready-mix plant or on site directly to the concrete mix –reducing costs and valuable time. Clients say they save one day of construction for every 10,000 square feet of rebar they replace with Helix.

The advantage of using Helix instead of iron rods.

Our technology is across a wide range of market segments including; Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Transportation, Tunneling, Precast and Underground. As sampling of these applications can be seen below:

• Structural walls, Structural floors, Structural footings
• Foundations Slabs, including slab-on-grade, slab-on-metal-deck,
• Matt Slabs
• Elevated Walls, including cast-in-place, tilt-up,
• Precast Segments, Tunnel Lining, Man holes, Beams
• Pavement, Bridges, Roads
• Duct Banks, Storm Drains, Blast Shelters

How Helix evolved

Helix Steel was first developed as part of a research project that challenged University of Michigan Engineers to create a reinforcement technology that could provide quantifiably better resiliency, ductility and elasticity to concrete structures. After years of applying the twisted steel micro rebar technology to various use cases and stringent test case scenarios, it was decided to incorporate and bring Helix Steel to the market in 2003.

One of the initial focus areas where Helix Steel collaborated with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers was as an alternative to rebar in blast resistant applications where rebar was not good enough and too cumbersome for use.e

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