Interior design

What is interior design

Interior design is a stage in architectural planning that his Primary purpose is the design of interior spaces.
the skeletal structure is the first thing to take under consideration in the initial sketch of the interior design, as well as applying practical principles such as maximizing the use of internal spaces, minimizing any changes in budget deviations, and of course taking under consideration the client’s overall wishes and design preferences.

3D Simulation in interior design

Our uniqueness is that our offices work with 3D software from the beginning of the drafting process – this is a huge advantage compared to our competitors, as this speeds up the planning process and our customers are with a constant state of awareness about the construction project – this saves time, money and great hassle in the design process.

The 3D experience presented to the customer at the beginning of the process gives the customer a realistic look and feel of the space and allows him to make subtle changes in the design drawing and style selected.
We also provide Guidance and Counseling services even after the completion of the construction, such as decorative design for the occupants (living space and shared spaces) and choosing furniture up to the last detail.

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concrete reinforcement micro rebar

strong and durable concrete

HELIX, global patented product that strengthens concrete mixtures. HELIX Micro Rebar has 4 times the tensile strength of rebar.
The product is a micro steel reinforcement fiber that blends with the concrete mixture and because of its unique twisted shape- gives the finished product great strength, durability and ductility. Helix optimizes projects schedules and saves valuable time and money.

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