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EcoGB team has over 60 years of experience accumulated all together.
Our experience and knowledge, together with the Comprehensive services that surrounds every venture we accompany, saves our customers money, hassle and time.
from the dream of the desired home until the key is received.

Our Guidelines in architectural projects.

Architectural planning has a wide variety of Anecdotes that are not always taught in architecture schools.
This profession contains a wide range of Challenges, which only through extensive experience we can advise our client and provide them with the maximum possibilities for saving construction costs and maximizing the quality and efficiency of their project.

  • research of Customer desires
  • Characterization of the construction environment
  • Selection of building materials
  • Architectural plan Submission

We see our customer as complex varieties of worlds and desires (customer character, future family planning, design preferences etc.).

The importance of the building environment in architectural planning.
Exploring the terrain and the construction environment is critical before starting the architectural sketch.
At the beginning of the planning there are several factors that are taken into account, such as: size of the plot, air directions, the character of the building and the style of the adjacent houses. The importance of the location of the building (proximity to the sea, desert environment, etc.) is also important in the holistic vision. , Slope, etc.)
All these things are taken into account in personal sewing and are embedded in the final architectural drawing that is presented to the customer for improvement.

Building materials Selection in architectural planning.

Selection of building materials is very important for the final architectural drawing. the primary impact is construction prices & times efficiency.

Our emphasis on choosing building materials is first and foremost ecological materials that do not pose any danger to the house occupants and are economical and easy to work with.

Aesthetics and design contours that the customer prefers and dictates (the type of material, colors, etc.) also takes into account when of building materials are chosen.

Submission of the architectural plan (Gramoshka)

Submission of the architectural plan must be according to the timetables set at the beginning of the project, the plan should also include a 3D simulation that enables the customer to understand the depth of the architectural design.
The 3D program gives the average customer who does not have prior knowledge the possibility to “feel” his future home in the most optimal manner and to prevent in the future changes that he did not emphasize in the initial planning stages.
These steps save precious time and unnecessary distress.

we emphasis on a holistic point of view concept for each construction project- we take into consideration the customer’s needs & desires and future changes that may occur.

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