Construction planning

Construction planning means engineering planning for all construction methods while providing creative solutions that are cost-effective and suitable for each project.

In a constructive planning, services are provided for a variety of projects:

  • Construction permits Planning – submission of building plans for building additions and/or new constructions.
  •  Execution for work plans- Preparation of a detailed work plan & implementation for executing contractor.
  • Construction supervision services – verification between planning and execution.
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concrete reinforcement micro rebar

strong and durable concrete

HELIX, global patented product that strengthens concrete mixtures. HELIX Micro Rebar has 4 times the tensile strength of rebar.
The product is a micro steel reinforcement fiber that blends with the concrete mixture and because of its unique twisted shape- gives the finished product great strength, durability and ductility. Helix optimizes projects schedules and saves valuable time and money.

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