construction supervision

As part of our services, we provide our clients services of supervision on construction sites.

supervision of construction sites.

A very critical and challenging part of any construction project is the stage of the actual construction.

Executing all the processes from the drafting stage to the execution stage entails many challenges and can be a big difference in financial savings and also on the quality of the final construction.

Execution of supervision is carried out by professionals with Extensive experience in all kind of construction Interests.

Our advantage is in our staff, the vast experience accumulated over many years of building project is reflected in our ability to provide our customers with a comprehensive guidance in different areas of expertise that surrounds these type of services.

Our team members come from different & diverse areas of expertise and have decades of experience in construction, electrical engineering, construction, building renovations, engineering, etc.

These advantages are well reflected in time & money saving for our costumes – we make sure that our customers sleep well at night.

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concrete reinforcement micro rebar

strong and durable concrete

HELIX, global patented product that strengthens concrete mixtures. HELIX Micro Rebar has 4 times the tensile strength of rebar.
The product is a micro steel reinforcement fiber that blends with the concrete mixture and because of its unique twisted shape- gives the finished product great strength, durability and ductility. Helix optimizes projects schedules and saves valuable time and money.

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